Monday, May 07, 2007

Unusual college appointments

It seems that Jim McGreevy, ex-governor of New Jersey and self-proclaimed "gay American," has just completed teaching a college course on ethics. This field of expertised is interesting, since not only did McGreevy deceive both of his wives about his sexuality, his administration was plagued with corruption allegations.

Can other such appointments be far behind? In fact, news has just come in of two new faculty members at Strom Thurmond University, in Brackish, South Carolina.

David Duke will head the department of Judaic Studies. "After all," he said, "I know more about Jews and their conspiratorial effort to take over the world than almost anybody. Why shouldn't I direct such studies?"

A course on gay studies will be offered by Rev. Fred Phelps of the God Hates Fags ministry.
Gay and lesbian students are advised not to sign up for the laboratory sessions. They might not survive.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Without wisdom or prudence, any rogue can teach anything, including Post-Modernism. But I do find these appointments more disturbing than the usual "academic" fodder. Maybe it's my sense of "ethics" -- the real thing, the stuff Aristotle taught. That virtue lies in a "mean" between excess and deficiency. Obviously, that kind of virtue is rarely found today. But is Duke, McGreevey, etc. "excess" or "deficiency?" Both!

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