Sunday, May 06, 2007

The appalling Tenet

Many find that the enigmatic writings of Nostradamus contain warnings for our own times. An even more ancient source of warnings, it seems to me, stems from the late Roman SATOR square. It turns out to have an important message concerning a current figure, George Tenet. (I should remark parenthetically that I am appalled by the amount of attention this noxious apparatchik is receiving, and only marginally reassured by the hard questions that are being asked, occasionally at least, by his interlocutors in the media.)

At any rate, here is the square, which reads both horizontally and vertically.


Note that the word TENET occurs biaxially, as it forms both the vertical and horizontal center. The identification is confirmed by the first word, SATOR, which means "sower" in Latin. The given name "George" means an agriculturalist in Greek (corresponding to Tenet’s ethnicity).
The second word AREPO is mysterious; it is generally taken to be the name of the sower. However, if pronounced in English it yields "A rape, oh!" The erstwhile spook has indeed participated in the gangrape of the American public.

TENET, usually rendered as "holds," is now perfectly clear.

OPERA seems to mean "with effort." George Tenet’s efforts to retain his footing in Washington were indeed strenuous, though they ultimately failed. A supplementary explanation, complimenting the first, relies on the modern acceptation of opera. Tenet used to claim that his "hair was on fire." His temperament does indeed seem operatic—and of course false through and through.

Finally, ROTAS means wheels. Tenet claims only to have been a cog in the war machine. In fact, he was one of its big wheels.



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