Sunday, August 04, 2013

Shifting sands of politics

Ready for a little speculation? Well, here goes. The unexpected may be about to happen, that is the splitting in two of that incredible Neanderthal monolith, today's Republican Party.

 Experiencing an "All about Eve" moment, John McCain is incensed by the rise of Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. Among other things, they threaten the advancement of McCain's insatiable longing for remaking the world through perpetual warfare. For other reasons, Governor Christie is upset with Rand Paul. They have just had a public spat. For some time now Christie has been sending love calls to Obama. For his part Obama is dispatching McCain and his acolyte (Lindsey Graham) to Egypt. 

These changes may be opening the way for the emergence of a new "Centrist" political combine based on the continuing enhancement of the National Security state with all of its apparatus of repression. 

Relegated to the sidelines will be the left wing of the Democratic Party, on the one hand, and the Paul-Cruz Republicans, on the other. Both of these remnants will be impotent--except for instances like the Conyers-Amash alliance where they can combine for some special purpose. 

Can Obama pull off this Grosse Koalition? Time will tell.


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