Saturday, July 23, 2011


I am definitely on the wrong side of the digital divide, as you can easily surmise from the no-frills aspect of these postings. I do not tweet, and for a long time I resisted joining Facebook. But a few months ago I yielded to temptation on that front.

I chose my F-b friends carefully. I like to think that they are among the nicest, most astute, most articulate individuals around. Certainly their collective IQ must be astonishing. Yet what happens when they post on that Book>

Some regale others with such facts as having just had a refreshing shower or being on vacation in Upper Sheboygan Falls or some such exciting place. Others mention some delicious food item they have recently cooked up. They generally do not give the recipe, and in any event one inevitably feels left out. I suppose that one could ask for a dinner invitation, but I can't just drop everything and dash off to Toronto or San Francisco, much as I would like to.

Then there are those who seem to assume that one never opens a newspaper or watches the TV news. In the last few days several have noted the courageous action of Wendi Deng in intervening to help her scoundrel husband Rupert Murdoch. Maybe I should offer to send my own partner to take lessons in the martial arts. But honestly, y'all, I saw Wendi's action IN REAL TIME on MSNBC.

The last sentence brings up something that is not too common with my lot, thank goodness, and that is writing everything either in capitals or lower case.

Well, I needn't go on: most of you are familiar with these shenanigans. Facebook just does not, for the most part, bring out the best in people. For that reason, I only check my account about once a week, and that is too much.

I have to wonder how long this enterprise can last.



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