Saturday, August 25, 2018

The curse of math

My iconoclastic theory of the day. 

We must rid ourselves of mathematics, a form of mind control imposed on us by the white patriarchy. Look for example, at our use of ten as a base. It represents the ten fingers of the oppressor. A few cultures such as the French with their quatre-vingts have preserved relics of a more sensible system of twenty. Let's allow the toes to participate as well. Or why not just two constituents as in that eternal font of wisdom, the binary I Ching? 

As for zero, it must go, as it has been imposed on us by an odious Aryan culture, that of ancient India, home of the Aryans, who also gave us the swastika. (Indian friends, don't be alarmed; I don't really mean it.)

A friend offers the following useful addition:  1 should also be banned, as that arrogant numeral signifies individualism, a solitary being apart from the collective. 1 represents selfishness, hoarding. The 1% - need I say more? 

As for 2, it represents the patriarchal monogamy; as such it must join 1 and 0 in the dustbin of history. 3 is the first politically correct number


Blogger Stephen said...

I thought the (Semitic) Egyptians "invented" zero (and, much later and independently, the Maya).

10:10 AM  

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