Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Deep State

    The concept of the Deep State has its roots in the Iron Law of Oligarchy propounded by Gaetano Mosca and his associates a hundred years ago. However, it has assumed an essentially American guise, first adumbrated by Eisenhower in his warning about the military-industrial complex.
    Yet our Deep State has evolved and grown since then, enormously, also forging international connections such as those evident in the Davos gatherings. In a nutshell it is essentially a matter of following the money, with much in the way of lucrative transactions occurring in the greater DC area. The huge payoffs constantly undergird the determination of the players to resist any steps to dismantle their ploys, not to mention the veil of silence that generally surrounds these operations as far as the general pubic knows. Many Washington insiders do know, but they prefer to keep their jobs instead of speaking out.
    Mike Lofgren, with much relevant experience, explains.

    In a must-read essay, former GOP congressional analyst Mike Lofgren analyzes America's "Deep State," in which elected and unelected figures collude to serve powerful vested interests.

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