Tuesday, April 02, 2013

My account of The Homophobic Mind, presented seriatim below, may now be more easily accessed in a reformatted version:  http://www2.hu-berlin.de/sexology/BIB/Hompho/index.html


Blogger Dr. Gabriel Andrade said...


1. From a libertarian perspective, would it be OK to have sex in public? You mention in the Encyclopedia of Libertarianism that, provided the owner of the space allows it, there would be no problem. Now, consider a public park: would it be OK to have sex there? Mill's harm principle would suggest that, inasmuch as no one suffers here, sex in public would be fine. But, I wonder: is there any evidence that children watching sex in public suffer psychological damage? Apparently, this happens all the time in tribal societies, and children see chimpanzees have sex in zoos, with no psychological damage whatsoever, but I still wonder.

2. I suppose you reject Lord Devlin's stance against homosexuality on account of disgust. I suppose you, along with Martha Nussbaum, do not accept a morality based on mere disgust. But, I wonder, again from a libertarian perspective: should the State leave alone someone that publicly drinks blood or eats feces?

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