Monday, April 29, 2013

I heartily dislike the new odium theologicum that decrees that one must never quote from news sources that are deemed politically incorrect. For one thing, with all the news sources out there representing various points of view, it is impossible to prevent people from consulting "forbidden" sites. Maybe in Putin's Russia, but not here. 
At all events, yesterday I committed what some seem to regard as a cardinal sin on Facebook: I cited a piece from the The FrontPage, an internet magazine maintained by David Horowitz. Some years ago, when I read Horowitz' autobiography, I recognized that David and I were soul brothers--up to a point. For one thing, we were both raised in Communist Party households. We both chafed under the reign of conformity demanded by the Eisenhower years, and longed somehow for a better society. Then in the seventies we both participated in what was broadly termed the New Left, David as a full-fledged combatant with Ramparts Magazine and the Black Panthers, myself more sectorially as a gay liberationist. 
Gradually, we both began to have doubts about radicalism as it had developed in the United States. My disillusionment did not in fact take me very far, reflected nowadays mainly in my distrust of both political parties (resulting most recently in the absurd misperception that I was a supporter of George Romney). Yet David became a neocon. I was and am repulsed by that political orientation. David Horowitz and I have never met, but as I indicated we are in some sense linked. Even if we were not, I reserve the right, under the principle of freedom of speech and expression, to quote, when appropriate, from things that he has published.


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