Friday, July 27, 2012

Dyneslines news.

I have started yet another blog, artishistoria.  You may access it by clicking on my adjacent Profile.   This site is the vehicle for the revised version of my "History of Art History," written some twenty years ago, but not published.  I am in the course of making extensive textual revisions, which are ongoing.

I am also accessible at Facebook, which I now use for the smaller contributions that used to appear at this blog. Feel free to "friend" me there.


Anonymous Thomas Kraemer said...

I'm a rookie on Facebook, which may be the reason, I was unable to find you on Facebook, but there was no way to ask you to be my "Friend" -- the help page said this may because of your privacy settings (or mine?) All I know is that I have one friend and one like of a professional stream of stuff that gets posted to my page. I've been curious why so many people are addicted to Facebook.

1:57 PM  
Blogger Dyneslines said...

I can't honestly recommend Facebook, because it is a great timewaster, there are privacy issues, and a lot of trivia, no matter how carefully one chooses one's friends (or "friends," as I scarcely know some of them). Some people become annoyed, even enraged when I venture to disagree with them, and they unfriend me. But still FB is probably unavoidable--at this stage at least. I tried to friend you Thomas, but your name s too common for me to determine which individual to address. Some things on FB are a little bit of a challenge a first; but if one persists it works out

4:59 PM  
Blogger Stephen said...

I'm glad that the history of art history will finally be available. I found the earlier version fascinating even having not much interest in the subject (but interested in how fields of discourse develop).

9:44 AM  

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