Thursday, April 21, 2011


Citing just a few examples off-hand, this piece asks if there is a connection between same-sex experience and the protagonists of national liberation movements.

Elsewhere I have commented on the case of Mohandas Gandhi, adducing also that of Kemal Ataturk. The biography of Malcolm X by the late Manning Marable presents credible evidence for one homosexual encounter--perhaps not a very consequential one, but there may have been others.

Some will recall the instance of Ben Bella, an early Algerian leader forced out by allegations of homosexuality. These allegations certainly seem valid for Arafat, the founder of Palestinian liberation, who almost certainly died of AIDS.

Now I understand that the Boston gay scholar Charley Shively, who is now gravely ill, had been gathering information on same-sex behavior by Ho Chi Minh. It is hoped that this evidence may be published.

As some remark these days: "I'm just saying."



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