Tuesday, July 27, 2010


As devoted readers will know, my principal task for the last three years has been a book-length comparison of the three major Abrahamic religions--Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The project is an ambitious one, to be sure. Why did I undertake it? First, these religions have shown a continuing vitality that defies the predictions, common among secularists since the eighteenth century, that they must be on the way out. The persistence of these belief systems has grave consequences for many groups, such as gay people, that are within their sights.

What about the positive contributions of these religions in a broad range of literature and the arts? Well, I spent thirty-five years of my life presenting these contributions in my art history classes. Now it is time to take off the rose-tinted glasses.

My first attempt was a rather long-winded effort dealing with the three religions sequentially and chronologically. The draft of this work, entitled "Abrahamica," is available at Williamapercy.com. The easiest way to find this text (in six chapters) is just to google "Abrahamica," and the cue will come up on the first page.

After reviewing this material, I concluded that it might be more effective to present the findings more concisely and thematically. This I have now done in my "Abrahamicalia." I am sorry about the clumsy title; it will have to do until I think of something better. This new version is available in blog form, with the fourteen chapters following in sequence. You can find the blog by looking at my Profile in the sidebar or (I think) by going to abrahamicalia.blogspot.com.

POSTSCRIPT. Dear Readers: I feel confident that the new version is close to what I want to say. Over the last couple of weeks, I have been trimming florid material and putting in some points that were unaccountably left out. I am working on a new title.

Still, I would greatly appreciate feedback. What sections seem unclear or unconvincing? If you have comments, please write me at wrdynes@aol.com.

Thanks very much!

Wayne R. Dynes



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