Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sayonara Bill Moyers

I know that this posting will cause protest, but I rejoice in the retirement of that sanctimonius old doofus, "preacher" Bill Moyers, from PBS. Not infrequently (when I can bear to watch him) I agree with Moyers, but his self-righteousness makes me want to change my opinion.

There are, to be sure, all sorts of odious rightwingers on TV these days, but there is a special sort of liberal illusionism that holds that, instead of giving opinion, the spokesperson is simply describing reality. This is, of course, the kind of self-satisfaction and self-congratulation that we encounter on the NY Times editorial page every day. Well, that media dragon is going down the tubes, relatively speaking, also.

Thank Ganymede for the Internet.

Maybe I shouldn't rejoice too soon. After, all the Moyel (sic) retired once before in 2004, only to return again in 2007.



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