Friday, February 26, 2010

The Israeli assassination in Dubai

In recent days Israeli agent have brazenly murdered a Hamas official in a hotel in Dubai. Is there anything that Netanyahu's criminal regime will not resort to?

Very oddly, our mainstream media has portrayed the Dubai assassination as a poorly handled goof that left the Mossad with egg on its face. Some commentators even assert that the circumstances of the killing were beneath the Mossad--as if the Mossad had somehow forgotten its expertise and bungled the job.

One independent writer (courtesy of the understands the matter better. "The [Israelis] have waltzed into Dubai, allowed themselves to be videotaped every which way -- including while putting on costumes and wigs -- killed a man, and waltzed right back out. They did it in plain sight. And they did it using British passports."

The writer goes on to remark as follows. "What does this say to Hamas, and Arab nation onlookers? It says that wherever you are, whatever you are doing, however many video cameras you may have watching you, we will find you, and we will kill you. And you will know who we are, and yet you will never find us. And MOST importantly: we are going to do it in as brazen a manner as possible.

"We are even going to swipe the passports of some innocent British citizens, daring the West to criticize us. But we don't care. We are going to kill you in such a manner that you will immediately be able to track us down - but we'll already be gone.

"The Israelis didn't use fake passports not because they didn't have the technical expertise or the brains, but because they wanted to pull off their assassination in the most brazen, flagrant manner possible, while still allowing themselves to get away with it."

This analysis is correct. It is not aimed just at the Palestines, Arabs, and Muslims in general, but at the West. Netanyahu is signaling that he will do whatever he pleases--including bombing Iran. He will launch a new war that will engulf the West over the wishes of the US president.

Our caponized media are too docile to acknowledge this elementary point. I think they get the message, though, and that is that we are powerless to stop Israeli aggression.



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