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"Israel on Trial"

Today’s New York Times (April 4) contains an excellent op-ed piece “Israel on Trial” by George Bisharat, a professor at the University of California Hastings College of Law. Basing himself in part on the soldiers’ reports that have appeared in the pages of Haaretz, Professor Bisharat discusses Israeli culpability in Gaza under the following six heads:

--violating the duty to protect the civilian population of the Gaza strip.

--imposing collective punishment in the form of a blockade, in violation of Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention.

--deliberate attacks on civilian targets.

--willful killing of civilians without military justification.

--deliberate employment of disproportionate force.

--illegal use of weapons, including white phosphorous.

Bisharat offers considerable evidence for these assertions. Much more is available. As far as I can see, his contentions are irrefutable.

As sure as night follows day, Professor Bisharat must brace himself for a flood of accusations of anti-Semitism. So be it. That is the fate of anyone who seeks to tell the truth about the misconduct of the Israeli government.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the Name of God, one does not need to honor the Universal Moral Maxim: Do No Harm or Injury, and if Jewish, then one does not have to meet the standards of the "just war doctrine" -- doctrine devised according to Jewish and Christian scriptures, but for which Israel's policies are, of course, an exception to the Torah.

As the Chosen, Israelis have YHWH's protection and sanction to aggressively, nakedly, and preemptively massacre others that are Israel's foes, just like the Dutch Reformed of South Africa regarded anyone not "chosen and elected" of Abba to "update" the Zionist coup de grace.

Israel's apartheid communities, like that of South Africa's, merely "purifies" the Jewish invaders from contamination and pollution by those consigned to the Gaza Strip. As several Israeli prime ministers have observed, "Palestinians are sub-human," echoing the Dutch Reformed prime ministers in South Africa. Anyone with eyes can ascertain the "original Jews" and the "reformed Dutch" are among the divinely elected, and above regard for "subhumans."

Just like "black-skinned" natives in South African had no right to enjoy the benefits of the Dutch supremicists, likewise the indigenous Palestinians have no right to live in their own homeland, because the "law of return" and the "elect" of YHWH trump all other moral, social, and religious norms. Like the advertisement for "Hebrew Frankfurters," Zionists and Afrikaners "answer to a higher authority:" sometimes known as the Face in the Clouds, the Hebrew-speaking donkey, and evern a burning bush that is not consumed by the fire.

By angelic visitation from the Lord God Almighty on high, Elohim's chosen ones are not under subhuman authority; therefore, international law, the Universal Moral Maxim, and the way of life that extol excellency rather than obedience, are "merely quaint" as seriously deficient without the Elohim that "saves." The wonders and majesty of Elohim's salvation of the Chosen under Hitler's Germany proves YHWH loves Jews more than Aryans. After all, with nearly six million Jews gassed and immolated in Hitler's camps, YHWH repented, and allowed the Allied forces to rescue the few that had not died, had not "fought back," because the covenant with the Chosen was a surety against the People of Special Pleading.

Several ungrateful Jews thought YHWH's covenant was irrevocably broken, as if YHWH did nothing to rescue his own people from the fiery furnaces Daniel and the other Jews showed Babylonians. What did Jews to help each other? Well, apparently YHWH thought he had to compel his Chosen to repent -- so that repented, they could resume of YHWH's chosen, in the Name of Zion, to rid the filthy subhuman gentiles who occupied the Lavant for centuries.

If YHWH be for us, who can stand against us?

So, Israel, founded out of middle East terrorism, was determined -- with U.S. support -- to use unjust war, as in the case of Aggression, Invasion, Occupation, Relocation, Anihilation, Encroachment, Genocide -- in reestablishing YWHY's chastened as the twelve tribes to rule and "perfect" the world, first in Russia, then China, then Israel, then Cuba, as the rebellion and preemptive aggression prohibited by the United Nations' Declarations" -- DO NOT apply to YHWH's chosen.

"Israel Uber Alles" -- the battle cry of the Chosen to "rule the world" -- now that liberalism extolled diversity -- even wackos to bring about the kingdom of YHWH all ancient Prophets thought immanent, if only those men with mutilated genitals (like David) could distract powerful interests of ordinary individuals (like Goliath.) David may have had a puny cock, mutilated by the rabbis, but he had his YHWH in that sling-shot -- in which the weakest of the weak, the emasculated of the masculine, stood head to toes, and with YHWH behind David, he could resume loving Jonathan, fucking Bethsheba, while sending HER huband to DIE on the front lines, like Americans die in Iraq for Israel.

The rabbis continue to read the stories from their fabricated Scrolls, extolling the genitally mutilated Jewish men that bear a family resemblance to Woody Allen, so that gentiles may be "allowed" to dwell in Jewish lands, if the Jews pronounce the gentile "pure." After all, the god of the Jews worked wonders for Daniel and his three fuck-buddies in Babylon (a.k.a., the "Anvil"), wherein YHWH "hammars" out its privileges. god's favors to gentile pricks, and even if six million Jews had to die before admitting YHWH abandoned his chosen, whose practices between other Jews, brought contempt upon those Jews that expected Christians and Muslims to "RESCUE" them from Hitler's "fiery ovens."

as past sixty years. After all, Israel's own prime minister Menachem Begin was among the original and first terrorists in the Mideast -- preemptively eliminating the sub-humans so that the Chosen could again impose their imperialist and theocratic national novation that hurt only a couple hundred thousand Palestinians. Compared to Hitler's 6 million Jews, the Utilitarian Calculus favored the Zionists over the subhuman nomadic tribes that had live millennia in these lands that YHWH held in "trust" with a "deed," to foreclose and evict the natives who did meet the Chosen standard of the Fallacy of Special Pleading -- which the Hellenes mentioned for Zionists to use in Canaan, Levant, Palestine, and wherever the "holy nation" of YHWH's own people can do -- and have done -- barbaric acts and committed war crimes, but their patron deity insists they have its divine right under the "law of return." The Zionists are merely OBEYING their prophets (for once).

As far as the Palestinans are concerned, they are not even fully human, so massacres of women, children, and men are of "primates" and humanoids, whose actual history repudiates the Zionist revisionism of the Torah. When it comes to the Torah, the Chosen MUST be vicious, inhumane, and cruel, otherwise they would be held to the same universal standards that apply to humanity.

As sons of god, f**k humanity.

6:49 PM  

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