Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Love Govs

We in the tristate area are blessed with no fewer than three lov govs, one in New Jersey and two in New York State. Can Connecticut be far behind? At all events, the travails of New York's Eliot Spitzer have received the fullest national coverage.

My own view is that Spitzer need not have resigned. Much as I dislike aligning myself with such boors as James Carville and Alan Dershowitz, I do believe that his extramarital sexual adventures constituted a victimless crime--that is, a crime in law only. A good deal has been made of Spitzer's apparent hypocrisy in that he went after prostitution rings when he was a prosecutor. As I understand the matter, though, the gravamen on the charges fell on matters of coercion, violence, and trafficking. By utilizing the high-priced services of the Emperor concern, Spitzer may have been able to assure himself that these sordid--and indeed criminal behaviors--would not come into the equation. As far as I know, "Karen" (aka Ms. Dupre) has not made any such allegations. She and Mr. Spitzer (and presumably the other pleasure specialists he consulted) were engaging in a good, old-fashioned capitalist transaction. A bit pricey, to be sure, but many people these days pay a lot for things they care about.

The real reason for Spitzer's resignation may have been that it offered a way out from the impossible task he had undertaken of reforming Albany's neanderthal politics.
This situation seems beyond repair.

By contrast with Spitzer, our current governor David Patterson is a cheapskate. He chose to take his paramours to a decidedly basic hotel on the upper westside of Manhattan. This was not very classy of you, gov!

There is also a new chapter in the life of James McGreavy, a self-proclaimed "gay American" who used to be governor of New Jersey. It seem that Jimbo and his wife Dina Matos McGreavy were accustomed to unwind on Friday evenings in threesomes with the governor's nifty driver, the personable Teddy Pedersen. Apparently, Teddy would, at the invitation of his boss, penetrate Dina, while (on some occasions at least) she administered a BJ on her husband's engorged member. Oh, that lucky Dina! Still, this was what some would call homosexuality by proxy.

And what, moreover, of the feelings of Jimbo's true love, Golan Cipel? He wasn't invited to join the fun.



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