Thursday, November 30, 2006

The miasma of denial

Unfortunately, denial about the reality of Iraq is not limited to Bush and his circle. Each morning I open the New York Times, expecting some sense at last. I look in vain. On some days I go to the library and look at other print media, with the same result. As with the runup to the war, only a few blogs tell it like it is.

Today the Times has an op-ed by Thomas F. Powers, an individual I formerly respected for his expertise on espionage. Powers suggests that we are in the same stage in Iraq as we were in Vietnam in 1965, when President Johnson was faced with a choice of abandoning the hapless and corrupt South Vietnamese regime, or sending in vast numbers of troops. He chose the latter.

Of course we are not in 1965, but 1974, when we had to leave Vietnam.
As if that were not bad enough, Powers echoes the absurd claim that presidents can create their own reality.

When will the media pundits and experts, so wrong before, finally fess up to the truth? There are no choices left in Iraq. We must get out.


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