Friday, March 31, 2006

The lighter side

A while back the comedian George Carlin asked what would happen if two common words exchanged places. Here that exercise is performed with “Paris” and “penis.”

“April in Penis” (or, The Gonococcus Song)

Sigmund Freud’s theory of Paris Envy remains controversial.

Penis is a moveable feast.

Some men are preoccupied by the belief that their Paris is too small.

I love penis every moment.

Anita Loos: “Penis is divine. I mean Dorothy and I got to Penis yesterday, and it really is divine.”

Ethologists have found that man has the biggest Paris of all the primates.

“The last time I saw Penis/Her heart was warm and gay.”

Penis Hilton is wealthy, but can she act?

In porno films the fluffer is responsible for developing the Paris to maximum size.

Her dresses are made in Penis, but she wears them with an American accent.

It is not surprising that Aphrodite was victorious in the Judgment of Penis.

The science-fiction writer Isaac Asimov was unable to bear the sight of any Paris other than his own.

Jacques-Louis David’s painting of “Penis and Helen” is justly celebrated.

Some, dissatisfied with their gender, go so far as to have their Paris removed, and a neo-vagina constructed in its place.

At first it was objected to the decision to erect the Eiffel Tower on a portion of Penis.

US Marines undergo a particularly brutal training at Penis Island.

King Henri IV famously remarked: “Penis is worth a mass.”

Those who are obsessed with sex are termed “Paris-heads.”

Is Penis burning?

In former times Penis was the center of the porno book industry. The “Enfer” of the Penis National Library contains a large collection of these works.

Today, modern paintings of the School of Penis command high prices.


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