Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Eclecticism in excelsis

Even casual readers of this blog will notice that it spans a wide variety of topics. I give fair warning—you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

Some might think that I should sort out the topics and provide a kind of index, running alongside the blog entries. Yet as will become clear, that procedure is not feasible.

I have always been eclectic in my interests. Now that I am no longer a college professor, required to give courses in a specific field, I am free to explore long deferred concerns.

A recent inventory disclosed that I am preoccupied with more than one-hundred different themes. I doubt that I will get around to addressing them all. One of the benefits of blogging is that it allows one to separate major interests from subordinate ones.

Here, at all events, is the list—

Abstract art—American founders—Amerindian cultures—Anglo-Saxons--anthropological theory—apocalyptic—archaeology (Old World)—architecture, modern—arithmology and number symbolism—art history (theory and history of the discipline)—astronomy and cosmology.

Bach—baroque music—Bible—biology (history and theory of)—Buddhism.

California--cartography—cathedrals and abbeys—Céline--censorship—Chicago—China—Chinese characters--Christianity (history of)—church architecture and adornment—city planning--classical studies—Cocteau--Communism—criticism (literary)—culture wars.

Dante—Darwinism—decadence—dictionaries and encyclopedias.

Egyptology—Eliot (T.S.)—erotic art and literature—etymologies—economics (history of).

Fascisms—film history—French literature—Futurism.

Gay studies—German literature—Goethe—Gothic revival—Greece, ancient.

Hebrew origins—Historiography—Hobbes.

Ibsen—iconography—India—international languages—Ireland (early)--Islam.

Japan—Jesus problem.


Lexicography--libertarianism—linguistics—London—Los Angeles—legal history and theory.

Machiavelli--Marcus Aurelius—Mallarmé—manuscripts, illuminated—Marxism--medieval studies—Mexico—museology--music, classical.

New York City—Nietzsche.


Paris—pasigraphy—PC critiques—Pessoa—photography (history)—Picasso--Plato—Plotinus—poetry, modern--political theory--Popper—Pound—Poussin--pre-Columbian civilizations—printing and typography—Proust—psychoanalysis (critiques)—psychology.

Religion (theory of)—rhetoric—Rimbaud—rock art—Romanesque—Romance philology—Rome and Roman architecture—Russian modernism—Ruskin.

Schemata and mind maps—science (philosophy of)—science fiction—sex research—Shakespeare—slang and argot—Spanish literature.

Transatlantic migration (scholars)—travel guides and literature.


Vienna—visual poetry.

Wagner—Whitman—Wright (F.L.)


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